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Gigaflash strives to assist our customers to develop eMarketing.  eMarketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media.  It includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing elements.  It uses a range of technologies to help connect businesses to our clients' customers.  We utilize memory sticks and iPhone Apps as eMarketing tools to assist our clients, our mission is to enhance our clients' image by our extensive knowledge and experience in promoting different business industries.  To help you achieve success, Gigaflash has a strong development team of professional engineers, whom have been exploring memory stick's applications to fulfill our clients' marketing purpose for many years in computer business.  We understand our clients' marketplace is the whole world, so we would provide the best and the most professional eMarketing development services to our customers to support their businesses.  More about our development of memory sticks and iPhone Apps will be shown below.  

Promotional USB
Gigaflash understands memory sticks should not only be put down as a corporate souvenir, but it should be considered as a powerful marketing tool and be part of the long terms marketing strategies.  So we have a strong technology team with professional engineers to explore memory stick's applications, and we have already helped different companies in the world achieve success.  Our team would find out the most suitable design of memory sticks for our clients to support their businesses.  During the manufacturing process, we aim at conscientiousness and care, so as to let our clients feel at ease.  Also, we already have cross-industries experience such as hard plastic, soft plastic, molding, printing and packaging.  We guarantee that we will utilize our experience and knowledge to work hard ceaselessly, strengthen our advantages, exploit more new products and develop new fields.  Gigaflash always places customer service at a very high priority.  We treat every of our customers differently according to their respective needs.  We provide tailor-made services to them as well.  Therefore, our customers can enjoy the unique products and services offered by us.  Product quality is another aspect that we put much emphasis on.  We try our utmost to develop new products that fit different customers' needs.  We also make sure that our products are carefully manufactured so that customers can experience these great products in a very safe way. 


Gigaflash Collection is our brand new product line series which all products are original designed with unique beliefs - Life Appreciation. We devoted ourself to bring you the product which is applicable, creational and joyful. Our design team always work with a concept: Simple and Easy. You can get use of them immediately without complicating setup. Also, the products are useful and fulfill your daily necessary, it will assist your daily life. Last but not least, every product are designed with creational idea, touches your heart at first sight and implant the joyful into your life. You can get an extraordinary experience. Let's light up your life and feel the "Life Appreciation".



Gigaflash Creation is devoted to create more practical iPhone applications for our users.  We hope every user can enjoy our Apps wherever they are, whenever they need it.  Gigaflash Creation designs, develops and deploys successful applications for iPhone Apps, made for the various industries to use and work successfully throughout iPhone mobile users.  We try to blend our Apps into users' daily life, so that our users can use our Apps brightly every day.  Furthermore, we hope our Apps can be used by people all over the world and benefit more people.  Gigaflash Creation focuses on providing the best user experience possible, we take great care to ensure that our Apps will ultimately serve our users.  We promise that we will develop more and more iPhone Apps to make our users' life more convenient.  


Memory Card
Gigflash's memory card is highly reconized as the best plug-in product considering the process, quality and stability.  We understand the needs of our customer and will offer the best quality memory cards to our clients.  We serve our industrial and corporate costumer as well as our OME at a very high standard.  We also help costumers accomlish the best digital performance, guaranterring the standards, compatibility, reliability and efficiency of the processing system.  Our various products of memory cards will enrich and enhance your digital experience to a speedier and more dependable digital storage.

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